When first posed the question, “are you a digital native or a digital immigrant?”, I would have hands down said I am a digital native. Being brought up with technology certainly has helped this. However, it wasn’t long before I started doubting my positioning in the groups. The first thing this module required was to set up a blog, for a digital native like I thought I was myself should have been effortless, however, it was the total opposite. With my page still looking pretty empty as it stands there is also more work required to make it more eye-catching and enhance the reader’s experience.

Throughout working on this introductory topic and understanding the improvements White’s theory over Prensky’s.  I found myself deliberating continuously whether I would classify myself as a digital resident or visitor, positioning myself in both categories for different tools, however, on the whole, I would say I am more of a digital visitor.  Being a digital visitor was certainly unique compared to the rest of my peers and probably for my demographic which was a thoughtful question I received from Tom. It was pleasing to see that Megan’s blog had a similar view and uses the internet in a similar way to myself especially in terms of educational purposes. Examining my self-test I feel I have a lot to learn over the course of the module in terms of creating this blog, creating my own infographics and comment on other people’s work which all will improve my online social presence.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.14.06
My self-test prior to the module, created by Will Jones in Microsoft Word.

Blog writing, and reading and commenting on my peer’s work is a completely new way of learning but I can see it is a powerful tool to improve my knowledge and learn from one another. And I am looking to develop my skill using the learning process below over the coming weeks.

The learning process which is undertaken for each topic.

Word Count: 304

My comment on Tewsdae’s Blog: https://tewsdae.wordpress.com/2018/02/11/introductory-blog/#comment-2

My comment on Tom’s Blog: http://tompaterson.info/introductory-topic-am-i-a-digital-visitor-or-a-digital-resident#comment-3


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